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We specialize in business travel management!

Why Tramex Travel?

Why Tramex?

We are able to design a travel program that mirrors your culture. We use real time data to help you make better business decisions and lower cost. The average organization will spend 10% or more of its total annual budget on expenses related to business travel. This fact has forced procurement and financial executives to reevaluate existing strategies for travel and expense management. We are able to work with you to structure a robust travel program that balances the bottom line, technological advancements and personal service.

Tramex Savings

Managing Business Travel Saves

According to the Global Travel Management Association (GBTA), negotiated discounts, better policy management and more efficient processes lead to the biggest business travel savings. Results of a member survey show that these three key items delivered by a TMC save companies money over the long-term.

We have developed relationships with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and are able to secure discounts based on the volume of business we procure. Negotiation also takes time – time that your business may not have. As the experts in business travel, Tramex has the dedicated personnel and leverage to manage the negotiations and subsequent discounts that are then passed along to customers.

Tramex Testimonials


  • Maryann,
  • Hard for me to put into words, but some people you just click with right away and some it takes longer. Ann is someone that I feel like I've worked with for a long time and maybe I've worked with her in the past and just didn't remember her ... not sure. Regardless, her ability to always seem to have the right answer at the right time is unmatched. Her efficiency is priceless!
  • - Sherrie Hegel Executive Assistant to Ron Garriques Chairman & CEO, Gee Partnership Holdings, LLC